Association Introduction

Founded at 1992, China Urban Public Transport Association (CUPTA) is the primary association registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs. Originally attached to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, association is at present supervised by Working Committee of Central and State Organs.

As an industry organization, CUPTA specializes in transport services of infrastructure, freight, passenger, technology and information, with over 1000 enterprises members.

Service Scope

  • Public Transport Infastructure Service

    Transport Hub、

    Bus Stations、

    Parking Facility.

  • Public Transport Passenger Service

    Automobile Electric Vehicle、Rail Traffic、

    Taxi、Online Booking Car、

    Shared Car、Shared Bicycle.

  • Technology Service of Public Transport

    Intelligent Drive、

    New Energy Vehicle、

    Connected Car.

  • Information Service of Public

    Transport refers to the platform, big data and payment modesp

922 Green Mobility Propaganda Events

Upholding the concept of green mobility, the annually held Green Mobility Event at every 22nd of Sep is dedicated to promoting citizens’ green mobility habit, which is a public benefit activity nationwide.

This event which had been held for 10 consecutive sessions, was originally the China City No Car Day organized by Ministry of Housing and Urban – Rural Development. There are 184 cities and towns promise to participate in this event covering 4 municipalities, 21 provinces (Qinghai excluded), 5 autonomous regions. Approved by Ministry of Housing and Urban- Rural Development at 2016, this event was renamed “922 Green Mobility Propaganda Events”. The event is co-sponsored by China Urban Public Transport Association, China Urban Planning Association, China Urban Planning and Designing Institute.

China Urban Parking Assembly

1st Session

Theme: Combination of Industry and Finance for Collaborative Development

Spot: Boao Hainan

Scale: 800 Audiences

On 15th Mar of 2017, the 1st session of China Urban Parking Assembly was held at Boao, Hainan. In this industrial gala, there were over 800 participants from 500 enterprises in attendance. The gala covered fours specialized forums of industrial finance, smart parking, planning and designing, parking facility, in which there were representatives from leader enterprises made speech. Anchorperson from CCTV finance and economy channel was invited to host the form and Phoenix TV was responsible for full track report.

2nd Session

Theme: Finance-Aided Parking Industry

Spot: Beijing Conference Centre

Scale: over 1000 audience

The 2nd session of China Urban Parking Assembly was held at Beijing Conference Centre at 21st Mar of this year, with more than 1000 audience in attendance. Up to the end of last year, the special bond raised of parking lot construction had been nearly hundred billion. With the influx of social capital, the parking industry gained the development and flourish.

2017 Shanghai International Urban Parking Exposition (annual routine)


Spot: Shanghai Exhibition Center

Scale: over 100 enterprises

This event is the largest industrial flagship exposition worldwide in parking facility, technology and information. The exhibition fully showcased the advanced technology and high quality product in the parking industry with prototype, model, picture and multimedia.

2018 China International Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Exposition (China Urban Transport Charging Infrastructure Forum)


Spot: Beijing China International Exhibition Centre

Scale: Exposition area of 12 thousand square meters. Nearly 200 outstanding enterprises were in attendance.

With the theme of “Gather users to promote electrical alternative”, the 2018 China International EV Charging Infrastructure Exposition gained updates at scale, scope and participants by taking advantage of previous experience. The total exhibition area reached 12 thousand square meters. Nearly 200 outstanding enterprises participated in the events, including STARCHARGE, TITAN, TGOOD, WINLINE, ONLY POWER SUPPLY, CLOU, AUTOWAY, ICHARGE etc.

Enterprise that applies to be a member to CUPTA shall follow the steps as:

1.To submit the application form and related qualification materials;

2.To be approved by Chairman Office Meeting;

3.To fulfill the initiation procedures with the guide and assistance from the member service department.

Please feel free contacting Liu Jia at 010-57811269 or 18618302761 for assistance.